Destiny support Africa foundation is an arm of the Lord’s ministry, Manchester UK. A non profit organisation registered number 9503115.

We provide educational support for pupils and schools in rural areas of African countries through our destiny support Africa project.

Mrs Ayoka Olabisi, founder of The Lord’s ministry and Destiny support Africa, who herself has experienced high level of poverty and life in the rural area during her childhood days believe that, the best tool for alleviation of poverty is education, hence the grass route educational support project, “Destiny support Africa Foundation”.

We provide school materials, uniform, books and pay school fees as may be required. In response to the appeal of a school inspector we commenced school building project in addition to what we were already doing for pupils.

On the 3rd of May, 2018 we laid the foundation of 2 blocks of classroom for Areta community primary school Onisemo of Ogun State Nigeria, as the pupils were without classroom for over five years. To the glory of God, the classrooms are now completed and commissioned on Thursday 20th June, 2019. A big thank you to all our supporters and partners.

“I believe that the success of a child in school requires more than intellectual ability, but also require emotional, psychological, environmental and social stability” – Ayoka Olabisi